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Product transportation, box forming and sealing, crating and palletizing. All in a single device.  The G3 Automation® crating and palletizing cell integrates diverse operations into high-performance automation, in order to reduce production costs and optimize the use of the factory area. The automation cell receives the products by a conveyor belt, inserting them into the boxes, where they go through a continuous process of assembly and sealing, to be delivered to a palletizing robot, responsible for transferring them to a pallet.

This automation comes as an innovative solution for those who need to take their intralogistics processes to a new level, with an adaptable concept to the most diverse product options and box dimensions.

Areas of application

Integrated automation

Automation cell that unifies the processes of product crating, box assembly, sealing, and robotic palletizing.

Destaque NR12 Encaixotamento e Paletização

Fairing NR12

Robust and resistant structure, in compliance with the NR 12 safety standard. Strategically positioned light curtain sensors allowing the operator the option of safely enter the equipment, to move the pallets.

Intuitive controller

The HMI has a 7″ touchscreen, with a friendly and entirely in Portuguese interface.

IHM G3 Automation
Destaque flexibilidade encaixotamento e paletização

High flexibility

The concepts of this automation can be employed in products of many types and dimensions, even in stand-alone form (project using only palletizing robot, for example).


Encaixotamento e Paletização fundo branco



Lenght (mm):


Width (mm):


Height (mm):


Productivity rate (boxes/hour):


Vertical palletizer axis stroke (mm):


Cross palletizer axis stroke (mm):


Longitudinal palletizer axis stroke (mm):


Mas. palletizer load (kg):


Voltage (V):

380 three-phase

Air intake (bar):


Seal type:


Product output conveyor:


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Slim Side Robot
Slim Side Robot
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In Mold Label Side Robot
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Cutlery Side Robot
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Special Projects
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