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Better performance

in less space

Developed to meet the growing need for a better area utilization, The Slim Side Robot occupies 1.3 meters in width, no more than a product conveyor. Its total injection cycles last about 4.2 seconds, with the extraction between 0.7 and 1 second, depending on the product it will handle. It comes with a tubular structure in extremely rigid steel, telescopic arm and extraction jaw made of aluminum and carbon fiber, giving strength and lightness to the assembly, which enables accelerations around 5G (approx. 50m/s²).

With precise movements, it ensures the extraction and stacking of items in an agile and safe way, reducing the use of manpower and allowing to extract the maximum performance from the injection/ mould/ robot set. It also has a product exit belt and NR 12 fairing, which makes it a complete automation cell ready to work accurately, agilely, and safely.

Areas of application

Ultra compact

Its telescopic side expansion arm allows for greater use of area, which makes the Slim Side Robot the most compact on the market, measuring about 1.30m wide next to the injection molding machine.

Projetos de uma máquina nova G3 Automation

Fairing NR12

Robust and resistant structure, in accordance with the NR12 safety standard.

Intuitive controller

The HMI has a 10″ touchscreen, with a friendly interface entirely in Portuguese.

Customized grips

Masks made of aluminum and/or carbon fiber, providing high resistance and lightness when handling products.




External width (mm):


Max. side arm speed (m/s):


Side arm forward stroke (mm):


Max. side arm load – with no gripper (kg):


Max. side arm acceleration (m/s²):


Voltage (V):

380 (three-phase)

Air intake (bar):


Machine to machine communication:

Euromap 12/67/73

Telescopic arm:

Product output conveyor:

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