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In mold label

Speed and accuracy for

Designed to meet ultra-fast injection cycles, the IML Automation Cell can work with total injection cycles in about 5.0 seconds, with extraction and label application between 0.9 and 2.5 seconds, depending on the product.

It comes with a tubular steel structure, extremely rigid, extraction arm and claw made of aluminum and carbon fiber, onferring strength and lightness to the assembly, enabling accelerations around 5G (approx. 50 m/s²).

With precise movements, it guarantees extraction, label application and items stacking in an agile and safe way, ensuring repeatability allowing to extract the maximum performance from the injector/mold/robot set. Optionally, a vision system can be applied in the quality control.

Different types of products

It serves products of different formats, such as buckets, jars, cups, lids, and related.

Projetos de uma máquina nova G3 Automation

Fairing NR12

Robust and resistant structure, in accordance with the NR12 safety standard.

Intuitive controller

The HMI has a 10″ touchscreen, with a friendly interface entirely in Portuguese.

High size versatility

It performs In Mold Label application on products of many sizes, from 300 mL cups to 16 to 18 L buckets.

Base with automatic adjustment (optional)

Increased setup time, especially when changing molds. The risk of accidents caused by misalignment between robot and injection molding machine is also eliminated.




External width (mm):


Max. side arm speed (m/s):


Side arm forward stroke (mm):


Max. side arm load – with no gripper (kg):


Max. side arm acceleration (m/s²):


Voltage (V):

380 (three-phase)

Air intake (bar):


Machine to machine communication:

Euromap 12/67/73

Telescopic arm:

Product output conveyor:

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