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Preventive Maintenance: how to conserve the equipment

Recommendations to increase the lifespan and good functioning of our industrial robots.

Taking care of the equipment through preventive maintenance routines is essential to ensure its proper functioning and avoid emergencies that could cause damage to the company in the short, medium and long term.

A machine has an infinity of components with different lifespans, which will suffer daily wear and tear due to its constant use. Among the preventive maintenance procedures, there is the early detection of failures of these components, in order to maintain the integrity of the equipment and increase its durability.

With the maintenance schedule up to date, productivity is not jeopardized with the equipment, as your parts will be in full working order.

The risks of equipment failure or downtime will be drastically reduced, preventing the formation of future bottlenecks which, in turn, delay the entire production line, generating stress, wasting time and money.

Maintenance recommendations for G3 Automation robots

The preventive maintenance of a machine must be done regularly, with procedures distributed in weekly, monthly and annual periods. Here are some tips to ensure that our automations work properly:

Contact our technical advisors

In case of doubts, it is highly recommended to call G3 Automation, where our team of technicians is always ready to answer questions, provide training and perform all preventive maintenance procedures that help to maintain the useful life of the equipment for many years.

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